iPhoto for iOS on iPad and iPhone

(Posted: 2012-03-09)

When Apple announced The New iPad (i.e. iPad 3), they also released a new version of iPhoto for iOS the very same day. I'm not usually a big fan of iPhoto, as it tends to only have very basic editing functionality on the Mac and also likes to take over your photo library management for you, which I am extremely allergic to. The way it manages the photo library uses quite a lot of memory, which is still a relatively scarce resource on laptops. Nevertheless, iPhoto is a good tool for a lot of people who simply need an app to manage their holiday shots.

Either way, I decided to give iPhoto for iOS a go on my iPad 2 - considering it's only £2.99 and I received a bunch of iTunes vouchers recently as a leaving present from my colleagues at work (Thanks guys!), I thought it would be a nice try. (More about why I left work soon)

Having played around with it for a little while, I noticed that it's now possible to share "Journals" with people via iCloud. This is a really fun way to share a selection of photos with friends and family. The templates that iPhoto for iOS comes with look very professional, and it's really easy to use.

Simply launch iPhoto for iOS on your iDevice, select an album, click on "Share" and select "Journal". You can then enter a name and select a background theme for your Journal.

A new Journal is then created which you can share with iCloud and which is stored on the iCloud servers.

Here is one I made earlier:
Fab!and:you Selection

More blog entries about the new iOS iPhoto app coming soon!

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