Every Photo Has a Story

(Posted: 2010-05-08)

Sometimes it can be hard to be a photographer - especially if you're keen to take some stunning landscape photos. The main reason behind this being that you'll always get the best colours in the early hours of the day or just before the sun sets.

We spent the May Bank Holiday Weekend in Sheffield - very close to the peak district. The peak district is great for photos, in fact some of my favourite photos in the landscape portfolio album are taken in the peak district.

So today I want to speak about a particular photo:


I really like this shot and the mood that it's creating.

I went to University in Sheffield (Aerospace Engineering - if you really want to know) and have ALWAYS wanted to take this photo, in all the four years that I lived about 10 minutes aware from this location (Ladybower Reservoir). So finally, almost two years after moving away from Sheffield, I managed to go back and take the photo that I've been wanting to take for so long.

It did require me to get up at 4AM, and after first reviewing the shot on my camera I was disappointed because by the time I'd gotten to the location the sun was already up so it wasn't as good as I was hoping. But I do like the final outcome - hopefully you do too!

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