How to Pizza Baking

(Posted: 2017-05-01)

I'm trying to develop this blog into a baking blog and vlog. Hopefully you will enjoy my first video - it might come in handy if you're trying to bake your own pizzas at home. https://www. on.


FabAndYou Website Make Over

(Posted: 2015-09-06)

Today I am launching the brand new FabAndYou website. As you may have noticed the website has been decluttered significantly throughout the last 24 hours such that the website is fully focused on my photographs. I have held on to the black and white look because I think it makes my pictures stand out nicely. on.


iPhoto for iOS on iPad and iPhone

(Posted: 2012-03-09)

When Apple announced The New iPad (i.e. iPad 3), they also released a new version of iPhoto for iOS the very same day. on.


Dieter Rams Good Design Principles

(Posted: 2011-09-11)

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot about "Good Design". Since I am a mechanical engineer in my main profession, design is important to me and I often have to make decisions to ensure the widgets are designed are considered aesthetic - easy on the eye. So I asked myself, what is good design? on.


Using DSLR Remote for iOS Devices

(Posted: 2011-07-17)

It's been a while since I've had the time to post a new blog entry, so today I want to take the time to explain how to use another convenient tethered shooting technique. For the following photo, I used my Canon EOS 40D tethered to my laptop running the DSLR Remote software available from on.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(Posted: 2010-12-14)

With Christmas being right around the corner, I thought it would be time for some season wishes as well as a small Christmas competition. The winners of the competition gets a free print of their choice - but be quick, only the first three correct entries win! So here it goes, what's hidden behind the following image? on.


Adobe Lightroom 3 Tethered Shooting

(Posted: 2010-06-08)

Adobe has just released Lightroom 3. Lightroom gives lots of photographers the ability post-process lots of photos in relatively little time - especially compared to full-on Photoshop modifications. I use it as a first parse for all of my photos so that I can quickly sort through the photos from a shoot, make minor enhancements, and delete any non-keepers. on.


Frequently Asked Questions

(Posted: 2010-05-28)

I get a lot of emails from some of you who are interested in my photography. So I'll try to cover some of the most common questions that people have asked me over the last couple of months in this FAQ. Do You Do TFP (Trade for Print) The answer is: yes, I do. on.


Fruit Plunge Tutorial

(Posted: 2010-05-28)

Time for another quick photo tutorial. The photos belonging to the series below are some of my best-selling shots. So I'd like to share with you how these photos were taken. on.


Macro Shots Tutorial

(Posted: 2010-05-14)

You might be wondering how to take macro shots. On point and shoot cameras, this is usually dead simple by enabling the macro mode - but is this true macro photography? I don't think so. on.


Borrowed Time and MP5ive

(Posted: 2010-05-13)

Quick note to let you all know that I will be taking photos of a few great local bands tomorrow (14.05.2010) at "The Tilgate" in Crawley. on.


Every Photo Has a Story

(Posted: 2010-05-08)

Sometimes it can be hard to be a photographer - especially if you're keen to take some stunning landscape photos. The main reason behind this being that you'll always get the best colours in the early hours of the day or just before the sun sets. We spent the May Bank Holiday Weekend in Sheffield - very close to the peak district. on.


Thoughts on Photos for Charity

(Posted: 2010-04-30)

I'm currently taking part in a Graduate Development Programme at Thales UK, working as a mechanical engineer. Some of the benefits of this programme are that you get lots of training - and once a year they'll send you and about 250 other graduates on a networking conference somewhere in the UK. Last week, I took part in this conference. on.


Your Events

(Posted: 2010-04-23)

So you might be wondering how I usually charge when I take photos at your events. Unfortunately I have to say - it depends. If you're organising a ball for your student society and would like me to take pictures then usually you (or your society) does not have to pay anything. on.


Facebook Page Online

(Posted: 2010-04-16)

Alright, I have given in. After long consideration I have decided that Facebook could come in handy for a bit of marketing about my new website. SO I'm happy to announce that fab! on.


All Portfolio Albums Uploaded

(Posted: 2010-04-12)

Just a quick note to let you all know that I'v just finished uploading some of my favourite photos in the portfolio section of the website. Every single shot should be telling you a story - I really hope you like them! on.


New Website

(Posted: 2010-04-09)

Since you're reading this you've already made it to my new website. This website will be my primary location for organising both my photos - but also your photos. If you give me the opportunity to take photos at your event then I'll post them right here for all of your friends and family to see. on.